Pokéball – Wormhole v1


Young trainers! You’ve chosen to go with the fire-type
Charmander! Now it’s time to embark on a journey of a
lifetime. Your first challenge awaits you at the Pewter
City gym. Ensure you train your Pokémon to be strong
enough to face the Gym Leader and acquire your first

On your way there, you’ll meet many other trainers and
Pokémon. Make sure to capture as many as possible to
fill out your Pokédex and have a diverse team!

Kanto Starter Part 1 is live for 24 hours. Charmanders
are available in MX and Topre, and Pokéball Wormhole
v1 is only available in MX.

1 entry per person, play fair, and have fun!

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Resin Casted

One Entry Per Person

MX Stem

All sales are final

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