Sir Puffcelot, Knight of the High Table (Topre)


So last year I did not do anything special for
420. This is year I figured I had to catch up a bit. If
you’ve been following up on our Discord channel
chances are you’ve been seeing the progress on this
sculpt since late 2021.

Well it’s finally time.

Meet the Gravel Knight, pillager of the multiverse.
Risen by Takeover to aid him in his future conquests.
This honey craving undead does not do much talking
and mostly resolve conflict with his giant honey dipper

For the first public appearance (let’s call this public
OG?) in it’s 420 colorway. Sir Puffcelot, knight of the
high table. The Gravel Knight was not made specifically for
420 and will be added to the sculpt rotation starting today!


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