Altered Ego – Soul Eaters (Sort of orange)


Shhhh. Hide your soul, for there are Souleaters on the prowl, ethereal beings dwelling in the darkest corners of the world feeding on the essence of living souls. These malevolent creatures possess an insatiable hunger for spiritual energy and are said to emanate an aura of dread and despair wherever they roam, draining the life force from both the living and the deceased, leaving behind a trail of desolation and emptiness in their wake.

There are four variants of Soul Eaters and which one you will get is random!

The raffle is open for 24h, you can win up to 4 caps, one entry per person!

Also for the first time, a limited amount of full sets will be available to win! Entering for a set does not enter you for the single sculpts so make sure you enter for both if you are interested in this make sure you enter for everything you are interested in!

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Resin Casted

One Entry Per Person

MX Stem

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